About Us

The Office of Data Management & Information Systems is staffed by programmers, analysts, technicians, and researchers to develop, maintain, protect, and support school districts in using, WVDE’s extensive education data collection and information systems. Their work falls into four main functional areas:

  • Data systems development, including:
    • Providing primary West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS) support and development;
    • Documenting and communicating system functions; and
    • Providing controlled data access.
  • Federal and state projects, including:
    • Supporting and developing federal/state program offices’ online reporting and tracking systems;
    • Documenting and communicating federal/state program offices’ requests; and
    • Providing federal/state-required reporting.
  • Support, compliance, and research. The staff involved in support, compliance, and research are responsible for providing direct support to those interested in education data and information, including parents, educators, policymakers, and the general public.
  • Support the Tools for Schools Initiative by:
    • Administering contracts for use by schools and districts for technology purchases
    • Assisting districts to maximize federal E-rate funding in conjunction with Tools for Schools purchases, and
    • Working closely with Technology Systems Specialists to ensure professional learning opportunities and credentialing requirements are met.

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