The Office of School Facilities provides guidance to county school systems in their effort to continually improve all aspects of educational programming, including physical facilities. The office is responsible for conducting annual facility reviews for all schools constructed or renovated with School Building Authority (SBA) funds, providing training on installed heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in school facilities. The office reviews and approves all ten year Comprehensive Education Facilities Plans (CEFP) submitted by each county board as well as review annually all updates to their CEFPs submitted by each county.

The office reviews and makes recommendations to the State Superintendent for all school closures and consolidations for the State Board approval. The office performs investigations of indoor air quality complaints and provides consultative services to mediate indoor environmental issues, and provides energy management and technical assistance on the maintenance and operation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems for all county school systems. The office provides professional learning and assistance to county school systems for the implementation of their crisis prevention and response plans.


  • 6200 (Planning of School Facilities)

  • 6201 (Floor Covering in Public Schools)

  • 6202 (Indoor Air Quality)

  • 6203 (HVAC Technicians)

  • 6204 (School Closings or Consolidations)


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