The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) is a national accrediting agency accepted by the WVDE for educator preparation accreditation. CAEP standards focus on the competency of the program providers’ graduates and the capacity of the provider to create a culture of evidence and use it to maintain the quality of the professional programs they have to offer. See the CAEP website for details on the standards and information about their accreditation process –

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CAEP Accreditation
CAEP Standards
CAEP Consolidated Handbook
CAEP Evidence Guide

State Program Approval

West Virginia educator preparation program approval processes are detailed in WVBE Policy 5100 for traditional educator preparation and WVBE Policy 5901 for the alternative certification of teachers, and developed in consultation with members of the West Virginia Commission of Professional Teaching Standards. The process of proposing a state-approved program begins with a review by the appropriate advisory body. Traditional educator preparation programs are reviewed and recommended to the WVBE by the Educator Preparation Program Review Board (EPPRB) and programs for the alternative certification of teachers are reviewed and recommended to the WVBE by the Alternative Certification Educator Preparation Program Review Board (ACEPPRB). Program revisions and continuing approval status are also subject to review by these advisory bodies before being recommended to the WVBE for official action(s).

To review each program review process, please visit the advisory boards section of our website at A complete list of state-approved educator preparation programs may be accessed at

State-approved traditional program providers (institutions of higher education) may request the approval of a waiver from the State Superintendent of Schools for specific requirements of WVBE Policies by using the Annual Waiver of WVBE Policy Request Form.