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The Office of Early & Elementary Learning was established to support and implement a pre-k through fifth-grade system of support that:

  • Advances a unified commitment to excellence and equity in early learning education;
  • Establishes strong foundations for early learning from school readiness through fifth grade;
  • Supports programs to help close the literacy achievement gap by 3rd grade; and
  • Ensures all children are on target to achieve career and college readiness.

The Office of Early & Elementary Learning is committed to the development of a cohesive system of early learning education based on research and best practices. Through a collaborative, intentionally-designed, and well-implemented pre-k through fifth-grade approach, not only will closing the literacy achievement gap by third Grade be possible, but West Virginia children will be better prepared for school and set on a course for career and college readiness.

Work groups to achieve the goals of the Office of Early & Elementary Learning focus around a systems approach to facilitate continuous quality improvement across the state’s early learning system (Pre-K through fifth grade) include:

  • School Readiness (including WV Universal Pre-K);
  • Third Grade Literacy Proficiency/Advocacy and Public Engagement;
  • Pre-k through fifth grade Standards and Support; and
  • Early Learning Workforce Development

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