Jennifer Schwertfeger

Jennifer Schwertfeger is a 10-year veteran science teacher from Cameron High School where she currently teaches grades 10 through 12. Her courses include biology, human anatomy, AP Biology and physics. A true daughter of West Virginia, Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from West Liberty University and a Master of Arts degree in Science Education from West Virginia University. She serves as chairperson of the science department, member of the school’s Green Team, and past president of Faculty Senate. She also serves her peers as a Marshall County teacher leader, new teacher mentor, and a cooperating teacher for future educators.

Jennifer believes all students, regardless of academic ability level, background knowledge, or learning challenges deserve equal access to educational experiences, and believes science is a verb – something to do and experience. In her classroom, she has transformed content delivery from traditional “cookbook” lab experiences and worksheets to a “hands-on, minds-on” interactive approach. She reminds her students, “Science is you and all around you.”

She promotes the importance for students to recognize their connection to science starting on a personal level and broadening their scope of understanding to their community and world. Highlights of her projects include promotion of STEM education and career opportunities within West Virginia for young men and women from rural, low-income populations. She exposes students to data collection and analysis to enhance science literacy and mathematical applications within the content. Her inquiry-based lessons are used to express creativity, artistic expression, experimental design, and problem solving, prompting her students to vote her a WV Outstanding Honors Teacher.