The Division of Motor Vehicles shall deny a license or instruction permit for the operation of a motor vehicle to any person under the age of eighteen who does not at the time of application present a diploma or other certificate of graduation issued to the person from a secondary high school of this state or any other state or documentation that the person:

  1. is enrolled and making satisfactory progress in a course leading to a general educational development certificate (GED) or test assessing secondary completion (TASC) from a state-approved institution or organization or has obtained the certificate;
  2. is enrolled and is making satisfactory academic progress in a secondary school of this state or any other state;
  3. is excused from the requirement due to circumstances beyond his or her control; or
  4. is enrolled in an institution of higher education as a full-time student in this state or any other state.

– Taken from WV State Code §18-8-11.

Per WV State Code §18-8-11, satisfactory academic progress is defined as the attaining and maintaining of grades sufficient to allow for graduation and course-work in an amount sufficient to allow for graduation in five years or by age nineteen, whichever is earlier  

When a student has withdrawn from school, had more than ten consecutive absences, or fifteen total unexcused absences during a school year, the student no longer has satisfactory enrollment for purposes of attaining and maintaining a driver’s license.

This only applies to students who are at least fifteen years of age, but less than eighteen years of age.


Policy 4150 – Student Driver Eligibility Certificate