Although transportation is not required for pre-k programs unless it is a related service for children with disabilities in accordance with state and federal requirements, many county pre-k programs have opted to offer transportation. There are requirements that must be in place for pre-k programs whenever transportation is provided.

  • Bus drivers who transport young children must be trained in supervision of young children.
  • Bus drivers must inspect the bus at all final drop off points to assure that no children are left on the bus. These inspections must be charted and maintained by the driver’s supervisor.
  • A designated person from each pre-k site must follow-up with the family of any child who typically rides the bus is absent. This follow-up ensures that all children are accounted for on a daily basis.
  • Pre-k children must sit in a segregated area of the bus.
  • Staff must assist children on and off buses at the pre-k site.
  • A parent/guardian or designated person must meet the bus for pick up and drop off.

Pre-k programs who offer transportation must provide information on requirements to families and personnel, including transportation staff. Information can be included in countywide procedures, parent handbooks, staff trainings. A workshop guidance tool titled, Transporting Young Learners was designed to assist county collaborative early childhood teams in providing training for bus drivers who transport young children. Transporting Young Learners can be accessed at Many programs have adapted Transporting Young Learners to include information specific to their procedures.