WVCCRS have been developed with the goal of preparing students for a wide range of high-quality postsecondary opportunities. Specifically, college- and career-readiness refers to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to be successful in higher education and/or training that lead to gainful employment. The WVCCRS establish a set of knowledge and skills that all individuals need to transition into higher education or the workplace, as both realms share many expectations. All students throughout their educational experience should develop a full understanding of the career opportunities available, the education necessary to be successful in their chosen pathway, and a plan to attain their goals.

WVCCRS for the Arts promotes proficiency in performing a range of material or creating two or three-dimensional artworks, analyzing and processing feedback, the application of verbal and non-verbal communication, and integrity in responsible collaboration with peers.  Students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills independently and collaboratively as they engage in the common domains of the arts – create, connect, explore, perform, relate, respond, and others germane to specific arts disciplines.  College-and career-readiness is supported in the arts as students acquire and further develop abilities to become creators, consumers, and advocates of the arts.

Committees of educators from across the state convened to revise the standards.  The overarching goal was to build rigorous, relevant and challenging arts education programming that would prepare students for college- and career-readiness.  West Virginia educators and representatives from higher education institutions played a key role in shaping the standards to align with research and best practice in the field of arts education.  The contribution of these professionals was critical in creating a policy that is meaningful to classroom teachers and appears in a format that can easily be used and understood.

In addition, Arts Alive! is an annual showcase event sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Education to recognize exceptional student achievement in the visual and performing arts, to honor inspired teaching, and to encourage advocacy for comprehensive arts education in schools.