Early Childhood Second Launch WV

The Early Childhood Second Launch WV initiative provides refurbished computers and other technology equipment to collaborative early childhood programs who are collaborative with WV Universal Pre-K across the state, including Head Start and child care partners to support classrooms, teachers, and parent engagement.

Technology that is no longer being used by state agencies are donated to the West Virginia Department of Education to wipe, clean and upgrade to meet the requirements of programs used in schools. Computers, monitors, keyboards and mice are packaged together (PC’s are not wireless) for ease of use and assembly and provided to schools at no cost. In some instances, printers, laptops, and other technology has become available through donations from government and private agencies invested in education.

All items provided through the Early Childhood SecondLaunchWV are free and become yours when you receive them. Those who have received donations before can request and receive additional technology as it becomes available.

Technology Request Form

If you are an early childhood program interested in receiving computers or other technology equipment as it is available, please complete the form below.

You must have a K12 email address to complete the form below. If you do not have a K12 email, please contact Janet Bock-Hager at (304) 558-9994.