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The Advanced Placement® Program (AP) provides opportunities for willing and academically prepared students to pursue college-level coursework while still in high school. AP courses are developed by the College Board’s AP Program. Corresponding exams at the end of the year allow students to earn college credit or advanced placement at colleges and universities around the world.

There are 38 AP courses in seven subject areas. Visit AP Central to learn more about the courses offered.

AP® educators and coordinators may access information about launching and growing an
AP® program as well as important updates by visiting About AP.

AP teachers may access free tools to support teaching on site, online, or in combination by visiting AP Classroom and AP Daily.

AP students may view AP exam scores, learn about AP awards, and get answers to all score-related questions by visiting AP Students Page.

Advanced Placement® (AP®) Summer Institutes provide the most intensive professional development available for AP® educators. Summer institute attendees engage in 30 or more hours of content-rich training designed to strengthen how they teach their AP® courses.

Any recent changes to AP® will be addressed at the AP® Summer Institutes. College Board endorsed consultants will guide attendees through resources such as course outlines; content-specific handouts; and student samples, scoring guidelines, and commentary from the most recent AP® exams.

A completion certificate is provided to participants completing the full 30 hours of instruction. Three hours of professional development credit is provided at a reduced price.

Registration Fees:

  • WV teachers: $50
  • Out-of-state teachers: $600

WV teachers living at least 50 miles from the institute location qualify for lodging under the WVDE direct-billed room block.

2023 AP® Summer Institute Schedule

Please note: Most sessions are provided for either experienced or new AP® teachers. Experienced teachers may attend the session for new AP® teachers if their schedules do not permit them to attend the experienced session or they need a refresher. Keep in mind that sessions for new AP® teachers will focus on the needs of those who have taught the AP® course for three or fewer years. Experienced sessions are for those who have taught the AP® course for four or more years. New AP® teachers are not permitted to attend the experienced sessions.

Please contact Karen Linville, Karen.Linville@k12.wv.us, if you do not see the AP course you need to attend and plan to teach that course during the 2023-24 school year. AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles are provided through a partnership with CodeWV. Those sessions may be accessed here: https://codewv.wvu.edu/programs/high-school and will count toward AP Summer Institute attendance.

Date: June 27-30, 2023
Location: Capital High School, Charleston, WV

Registration deadline: June 16, 2023
Registration link:

Subject Consultant
Art & Design (combined new and experienced) Herb Weaver
Biology (new AP teachers) Chris Monsour
Calculus AB (new AP teachers) Paul Gruber
Chemistry (new AP teachers) Leslie McSparrin
English Lang (combined new and experienced) Stephen Klinge
English Lit (combined new and experienced) Megan Neville
Human Geography (combined new and experienced) Ann Linsley
Music Theory (combined new and experienced) Melissa Livings
Precalculus (New course!) To Be Announced
U.S. Govt & Politics (new AP teachers) Hunter Clark
Psychology – (experienced AP teachers) Jeff Norby

Date: July 18-21, 2023
Location: Wheeling Park High School, Wheeling, WV

Registration deadline: July 7, 2023
Registration link: https://eventreg.collegeboard.org/d/r9qz6d/

Subject Consultant
Biology (experienced AP teachers) Mark Krotec
Calculus BC (combined new and experienced) Paul Gruber
Chemistry (experienced AP teachers) Lisa Cumming
Environmental Science (combined new and experienced) Susan Berrand
Physics I (combined new and experienced) Stephen Schuh
Precalculus (New course!) To Be Announced
Psychology  (new AP teachers) Stephen Foley
Spanish Language (combined new and experienced) Rebecca Mora
Statistics (new AP teachers) David Ferris
U.S. History  (new AP teachers) Becky Berry

Date: July 25-28, 2023
Location: Online Institute

Registration deadline: July 17, 2023
Registration link: https://eventreg.collegeboard.org/d/g9qzyy/

Subject Consultant
Art & Design (combined new and experienced) M Colleen Harrigan
Calculus AB – (experienced AP teachers) Ted Gott
English Language (experienced AP teachers) Stephen Klinge
English Language  (new AP teachers) Jennifer Garner
English Lit (experienced AP teachers) Rachel Stokes
English Literature  (new AP teachers) Elizabeth Cecelia
Statistics (experienced AP teachers) Doug Tyson
U.S. Govt & Politics (experienced AP teachers) Terri Fine
U.S. History (experienced AP teachers) Kathryn Smith
World History (combined new and experienced) Monica Bond-Lamberty

For more information about the AP® Summer Institute schedule and required policy 2510 attendance at an AP® Summer Institute, please contact Karen Linville at Karen.Linville@k12.wv.us.

The West Virginia Department of Education provides the Advanced Placement® (AP) Fall Institute for teachers of various AP courses. Fall Institute sessions are led by College Board-endorsed instructors and help teachers enhance their skills and content knowledge. Special focus is given to course updates, AP exam review, and Instructional Planning Reports.

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) provides test fee waivers for AP exams taken by qualifying low-income students in West Virginia. Schools must apply for students to receive waivers, and waivers are granted based on an individual student’s financial need. Students qualifying for a test fee waiver will pay $0 for AP exams.

2023 regular AP exams are $97 per exam and AP Research exams are $145 per exam. College Board provides a fee reduction of $35 per AP exam, including AP Seminar and AP Research exams, for qualifying low-income students in West Virginia. For eligibility criteria, visit AP Exam Fee Reductions. 

Schools must pay College Board directly the following amounts per exam for fee-reduced students: 

  • $53per AP exam per fee-reduced student (except AP Seminar and AP Research exams)
  • $101 per AP Seminar and AP Research exam per fee-reduced student 

The state of West Virginia has appropriated funding that is expected to contribute the following amounts per exam for public and non-public school low-income students:

  • $53 per AP exam, except AP Seminar and AP Research exams 
  • $101 per AP Seminar and AP Research exam 

Grants from the WVDE will be sent to each county, and the fee waiver funding will then be sent to each school so that schools may send payments directly to College Board. After the state funding is distributed to schools, the expectation is that the cost per AP exam for qualifying low-income students (including AP Seminar and AP Research exams) will be $0

What Schools Must Do 
Your school’s AP coordinator must take the following steps. 

Before the exams: 

  • For your invoice to accurately reflect any fee reductions, the AP coordinator must indicate the fee reduction status for each eligible student in AP Registration and Ordering.
    • For each student who is eligiblefor the College Board fee reduction, check the box for Reduced Fee next to their name in the student roster.  
    • For students who aren’t eligiblefor the fee reduction, no action is needed. 
  • Fee reduction status is indicated only once per student, not for each exam. 
  • A best practice is to indicate fee reduction status for each student by the time you submit your exam order. However, if you need more time to verify this information, you can update students’ fee reduction status through AP Registration and Ordering after submitting your exam order, but no later than April 30, 2023 (11:59 p.m. ET)
  • Indicate to the West Virginia Department of Education the number of AP exam waivers needed by using the following link: 2023 West Virginia AP Exam Fee Waiver
  • West Virginia fee waiver deadlines: 
    • Deadline for submission: April 30, 2023
    • Please note that fee waivers will not cover late order fees or unused/canceled exam fees. 

After the exams: 

  • Your invoice is automatically generated in AP Registration and Ordering and emailed to you after the late-testing administration ends. At that point, you can also access and print your invoice through AP Registration and Ordering. 
  • Send $53 to College Board for each AP exam ($101 per AP Seminar exam and AP Research exam) per fee-reduced student. 
  • June 15, 2023, is the postmark deadline for payment due to College Board. 

For more information, contact Karen Linville, Coordinator for Advanced Placement, Student Enrichment Programs, West Virginia Department of Education, phone: 304-558-5325. 

The West Virginia Department of Education provides support for school administrators and AP coordinators.

Upcoming session dates and locations will be posted as they are scheduled.

Contact Karen Linville or call Student Enrichment Programs at (304) 558-5325.

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