The Student and Educator Practices for STEAM Education guides contain tools for educators to use in planning STEAM instruction, tied to dispositions and standards. These guides contain action steps for each aspect of STEAM education and are designed to be used by individual educators, grade-level teams, content area teams, professional learning communities, and all those designing STEAM instruction.

The lesson / project design tool is both a tool for planning and reflection. This tool draws on the ideal of true transdisciplinary STEAM education in which the lesson moves beyond just blending the disciplines, but adds real-world context. This tool guides the educator in planning a lesson with an authentic problem to solve that is tied to the standards for the intended grade level. The practices of STEM are addressed in these lessons, as is a connection to literacy.  This tool contains a reflection piece allowing for the recognition of practices that occurred without planning, as well as to allow for improvement the next time the lesson is taught.