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The WVDE Office of Middle & Secondary Learning was established to develop and implement a 6th – 12th grade system of support that:

  • Advances a unified commitment to excellence and equity in middle and secondary learning education;
  • Expands on personal and career development for middle and high school students by building and expanding on the educational, emotional and social foundations set by PK-5th grades;
  • Supports programs that provide engaging and empowering learning opportunities for students; and
  • Ensures all children are on target to achieve career- and college-readiness.

Committed to serving both teachers and students, the WVDE Office of Middle & Secondary Learning supports learning and achievement using by using a collaborative, collegial approach to developing and providing both resources and professional development that are firmly based in research and educational best practices.

Work groups that support the goals of the WVDE Office of Middle and Secondary Learning focus on developing content knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and strengthening study, work, social and life skills.

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