2022-2023 Adoption Timeline for Vendors

Publisher Information

Task Date
Complete Registration with the WVDE. Prior to January 3, 2023
Those vendors who register after this date, will be added to the list shared with counties on an as-needed basis.
A hard copy of the Official Signature Page. Vendors must agree to all items on the Official Signature Page to be included in the list of registered vendors. Prior to January 3, 2023
Vendors are required to complete and submit to the WVDE digital correlation documents which align their resources to the Non-negotiable, General, and Specific criteria as set forth in the registration process. Prior to January 3, 2023
2022-2023 West Virginia List of Registered Vendors of Instructional Resources sent to county Boards of Education January 2023
County level review and adoption process January – May 1, 2023

County Information

Task Date
Each county creates / each county Board of Education approves the local county Instructional Resource Policy – template January 2020
County Instructional Resource Adoption Committees meet, review, and select resources for Science January 1 – April 30, 2022
County Board of Education reviews and approves Instructional Resource selections Spring 2022
Counties report adoption selections using the online reporting tool June 1, 2022