Praxis Test Preparation Resources

The WVDE Praxis Support program is designed to help improve candidates’ skills in specific areas assessed by the Praxis tests through a series of pre-tests, study guide modules, and post-tests developed by distinguished math and science educators throughout West Virginia. The program is hosted completely online and a content specific expert is available for just-in-time support. Study guides and mentor support are provided at no cost to the candidate. Upon completion of a set of WVDE Praxis Support study guide modules, candidates will be provided a Praxis pre-test and one Praxis exam, both at no cost to the candidate.

Please review this program summary and contact Donna Landin at for complete details.

Additional Resources:

  • Khan Academy 0ffers free online test preparation, designed to equip you with the reading, writing and mathematics skills needed to succeed on PRAXIS Core tests.
  • Preparation Materials are also available on the website, which allow you to select any Praxis test by name or number and access materials which may help you prepare for tests required for licensure.
  • To identify tests required for licensure, please review the West Virginia Licensure Testing Directory.