Brittany enrolled in the Adult Education program at Jackson County Adult Learning Center in September 2021. Brittany was enrolled in our program previously, but could not complete her High School Equivalency(HSE) Diploma. She came into the program with a strong desire to not allow histroy to repeat itself. Her commitment to taking her HSE exam and passing all parts was obvious. Brittany has a job that is not like any other around.

She works for the newly created and recently funded Hope House in Ravenswood. A strong work ethic and commitment to helping others recover from addiction and move forward with their lives is inspiring to see in Brittany. She had to find extra time in her day to study and prepare for the exams ahead of her. When she would get sidetracked and not come in to keep up with her work, her boss was there to encourage her to get back to the classroom.

In May, Brittany took four of her exams for the first time and passed them all! She lacked one more and continued to prepare and pass her pre-test. She took her last exam in June and completed her HSE Diploma journey!

Brittany is so committed that even the exam proctor noticed and commented that more students should be like her. We have had the pleasure of enrolling other students from the Hope House since Brittany first enrolled, and they have all made a point to say how encouraging Brittany has been to them in their endeavors. Part of her responsibilities in her position is to provide transportation to those staying at the Hope House.