How do I recruit the best qualified candidate?

Give WVAdultEd the pleasure to impact your profit measure, by recruiting and training the best WV candidates.  Business success depends upon its people.

West Virginia employers along with businesses looking to locate to our wonderful state will benefit from WVAdultEd programs in their recruitment endeavors.  Our adult education programs partner with WorkForce West Virginia to improve the productivity of the workforce.  We collaborate to ensure West Virginia has the greatest talent pool of qualified applicants to help your business success soar. WorkForce West Virginia provides employers with 24/7 access to the state’s largest online database of potential job candidates – the Mid Atlantic Career Consortium (MACC). Through this portal, employers can post active job listings and receive and review applications.

Candidates needing to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities are referred to WVAdultEd for FREE adult education services for maximizing their opportunities to become your best-qualified candidate.  WVAdultEd offers adult basic education, high school equivalency, English as a second language, and occupational skills training within career pathways and integrated education and training programs.

Career pathways are designed to enable students to

  • earn industry-recognized and relevant certifications,

  • obtain employment within a targeted occupational area, and
  • advance to a higher level of future education and employment.

Career pathway programs help adult students identify career and education goals to develop the skills, content knowledge, and learning strategies they need to enter and succeed in future employment. They combine basic skill instruction with contextualized occupational content, and employment skills. West Virginia labor market information is used to develop career pathway programs focused on occupations or industry sectors with a high demand for employees and to better prepare students for your vacancies. WVAdultEd assists in producing a pipeline of motivated and dedicated individuals focused on their career path.

For more information on partnering with WVAdultEd please contact Tina White, State Career Pathways Coordinator or 304-922-4505.