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The Adult Education Funding Taskforce for Direct Funding of Adult Learning Centers will meet to study and consider funding options, the existing funding sources, the best approach to provide direct funding for adult learning centers, and to stabilize the regularity of funding these centers.  Properly noticed meetings of this taskforce will be open to the public with a report of recommendations to be submitted to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Accountability by December 1, 2024.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions
  3. Purpose of the meeting
  4. Presentation
  5. Discussion
  6. Questions
  7. Recommendations
  8. Future meeting dates

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West Virginia Department of Education

Division of PK-Adult Instruction & Career Engagement

Office of Adult Education

1900 Kanawha Boulevard East

Building 6, Suite 825

Charleston, WV 25305

Meeting Minutes

Adult Education Stakeholders Meeting Minutes 6.17.24