Two new resources available on our COVID-19 site are the Educator Hub and the Good News submission feature. The Hub allows educators to share best practices, learn from their peers and enjoy the communal support from one another. The online form gives educators and principals an opportunity to submit questions about content areas or family engagement best practices. It also allows teachers, administrators, counselors and others to share lessons and activities that have worked well for them. The WVDE communications team may also use some of the ideas submitted to share via social media and tradition media outlets.

The Good News submission feature allows the WVDE to share your stories with a broader audience. Each week, Superintendent Burch delivers a video highlighting the great things happening in our counties and school communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We search social media to gather these items, but it can be difficult to find them. If your school or county wants to brag, we encourage them to do so. Simply use #LoveMyWVSchool or #WVHeroesofEd and tag the WVDE on Twitter and Facebook. These hashtags will allow us to easily search and find pictures, videos and posts. You can also send an email to Jessica Hall ( We look forward to hearing from you.