Paul Huston is the Career Technical Education (CTE) Director for the Wetzel County Technical Education Center. Huston had many years of experience as an elementary/middle school principal when he stepped into the world of CTE. Unfamiliar to CTE, he completely immersed himself in the programs at all four Wetzel County High Schools and is supportive of every CTE student. He embraces all opportunities to help our students be successful. “CTE teaches the students skills required in jobs or fields of employment. It also teaches them the rules and expectations of employers,” said Huston, “Simulated Workplace allows students to create their own company and run it like a business because they are expected to follow safety practices, work with business and industry, and establish procedures and expectations of workers.” Huston strongly believes that CTE gives students the opportunity to learn about potential career opportunities outside of the traditional classroom experience because the students get to perform job skills and determine if that is something they would like to do for a living.