The West Virginia Supreme Court has spoken, and we respect the Court’s decision.

The Hope Scholarship, passed by the West Virginia Legislature and signed into law by the Governor, stands. We will move forward without delay.

I am confident that this Legislature and this Governor will continue to fund public education at adequate levels.

It is time for the West Virginia Department of Education to focus on the basics – student achievement with a renewed focus on math, reading, writing, and English language arts.

It will be our focus going forward to support all counties to ensure our children are provided every opportunity to learn in a safe, productive environment. Our goal remains to provide the best education possible so that children can have fulfilling lives by pursuing educational, military and career options after graduation and serve as a robust driver of our state’s economy.

To this end, the State Board has directed the State Superintendent and the Department of Education to work closely with the State Treasurer to support a seamless and timely implementation of the Hope Scholarship program.

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