Dr. Donna Burge-Tetrick
Dr. Donna Burge-TetrickSuperintendent
Nicholas County Schools

Nicholas County Schools Superintendent Dr. Donna Burge-Tetrick believes all students can and will learn, provided they are given the proper support and resources they need to succeed.

“Students need to be exposed to careers at an early age so they will have the opportunity to explore career options and graduate career-and college-ready,” Burge-Tetrick said. “Our schools’ systems are strong with great teachers and great students, and we have earned two National Blue Ribbon School Designations within the past three years.”

Since 2016, Burch-Tetrick has served as superintendent of Nicholas County Schools. She said they are a proud community with strong school spirit coupled with love and compassion.

“I love Nicholas County and its schools. The population is declining like most of West Virginia, but Nicholas County continues to operate at a size that is large enough to provide diversity, yet small enough for teachers and students to know each other on a personal level. We are nestled in the hills with lush forests with the largest lake in West Virginia as well as the clearest freshwater lake east of the Mississippi. Our beauty is not only in our land features, but in the people of Nicholas County. When people need help, their neighbors always rise to the occasion.”

With a background in education and as someone who has always been engaged in her community, Burge-Tetrick had a unique set of professional experiences to prepare her for this role.

“I was elected twice as a Magistrate in Braxton County. I won the primary election three days after graduating from college, becoming the youngest person ever elected in a judicial office in West Virginia. After serving as magistrate, I was hired to create the first secondary education program in West Virginia in law and public safety. After teaching for three years, I became an elementary principal and then went on to work as a coordinator at the West Virginia Department of Education. While at the department of education, I became an assistant director and then an executive director of career and technical education. I left my position at the department of education after almost 13 years to become the Superintendent of Nicholas County Schools.”

When she isn’t busy leading and serving her district, Burge-Tetrick enjoys spending time with her family and her French bulldog named Bosco. She and her husband share one daughter, a sophomore in high school, and one son, who recently got married.

Getting To Know Superintendent Burge-Tetrick

  • Favorite Book: “My favorite book is ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer, which is actually a collection of stories by the 30 pilgrims who partake on a long journey. They decide to use storytelling as a contest and as a way to pass the time during their trek. As a West Virginia native, story telling is in my DNA, and I love the concepts presented with the tales that serve as a reminder that life is most certainly about the journey and not so much about the destination.”

  • Favorite Movie:  ​““’Lean on Me’ starring Morgan Freeman. It is based on the true story of Joe Clark, a New Jersey high school principal who went to extraordinary measures to earn the respect of his students by showing them that someone really does care about their individual success.”
  • Favorite Music: ​“I love all types of music, but I would have to say that my most favorite genre is classic rock. It is what I grew up with and it serves as a wonderful reminder of particular events in my life. All you have to hear are the first few notes of some songs and you instantly know what they are – it is simply magical.”
  • Favorite Hobbies: “My current and most enjoyable hobby right now is working with my husband on our cabin that we are building in Grant County. It is our new home away from home and serves as a place that we can relax and get back in touch with nature. I also ove to sew. know it sounds crazy, but I find it to be so relaxing. I certainly don’t have the time to sew but when I do get the time, I am in my happy place. Sewing gives me a sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something new and allows me to be creative.”