Ashley Poling
Ashley PolingEnglish Teacher
Belington Middle School

Barbour County Schools Teacher Ashley Poling said students tend to recognize when someone truly has interest in and love for them.

“I feel the individual efforts of dedicated teachers make a difference. I adore getting to know the dynamics of each class, but I thrive on learning about my students as individuals. It is because of this that I am as effective in the classroom as I am.”

As a home bound instructor for Barbour County and an eighth-grade English teacher at Belington Middle School, Mrs. Poling said each class period adds a new chapter to the narrative of her career. When asked why she chose to pursue the teaching profession, she said it happened by chance, but a chance that paid off.

“Honestly, when I was a senior filling out applications for colleges, I was pretty cavalier about choosing a major. I knew I was good at English and Spanish and that I was NOT suited for a career that required strong math skills, a tolerance for blood and fluids, and/or an interest in computers,” Mrs. Poling said. “I ended up choosing Secondary Education because it seemed like the most practical choice if I wanted to ensure that I would be able to get a job. Of course, as I began taking classes and completing coursework for Secondary Education, I found that I had ‘grown into loving’ the major I had chosen.”

Mrs. Poling has been teaching since 2007. When she’s not busy helping students, she enjoys spending time with her family and three children: Tristan Brooke McCauley, 16; Grayson Matthew McCauley, 11; and Kyler Finley Poling, 20 months.