Jenifer Kisner
Jenifer KisnerEnglish Teacher | Hedgesville High School

Berkeley County Schools Teacher Jenifer Kisner said she can remember “playing school” as a child, and she always played the role of teacher.

“I think it was always what I wanted to be. I had a few very influential teachers in high school that really solidified that. I have always enjoyed learning, specifically reading, and it seemed to be the most natural path.”

Since 2012, Mrs. Kisner has taught English at Hedgesville High School. She said she enjoys seeing her students connect the material she is teaching to their own lives.

“My favorite aspect of my job is the moment where students have really thoughtful insight into the subject matter that we are discussing, especially when it motivates them to think differently. I love doing Socratic seminars for this reason. I also love seeing who my students become as they grow up.”

Mrs. Kisner recently earned her National Board Certification in 2021, and said she appreciates the autonomy she has in her classroom to make decisions about curriculum and what will be best for her students.

“In 2017, my AP students were really motivated to learn about the Syrian refugee crisis. A former student’s mom was a teacher in another state and had a large group of refugee students, so we collected holiday gifts and clothes for the families and wrapped them up. I packed my tiny car to the brim and delivered them to the teacher feeling like Santa.”

When Mrs. Kisner isn’t busy in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their one-year-old daughter. Her hobbies include reading and crafting.