Megan Bennett
Megan BennettScience Teacher
Paw Paw High School

As a tutor in college, Megan Bennett saw many people who felt lacking in their science background from high school and felt called to remedy that in the only way she knew how – by becoming a teacher.

“I chose to become an educator to not only educate students in my discipline of science, but to be a positive role model and support my students educationally and emotionally.”

As a science teacher at Paw Paw High School for the last five years, Mrs. Bennett teaches science in grades 7-12, covering middle school science for grades 7 and 8, earth science, biology, and chemistry for 9-11. As the sole science teacher, Mrs. Bennett ensures that education goes beyond the classroom by relating material to events and topics relevant to her students and the community.

“One example of this is relating flooding in the area to the effects of weathering and erosion on the Earth’s surface and the importance of trees and vegetation on mitigating erosion. My class has a partnership with the Cacapon Institute to educate the students on the importance of protecting watersheds in which we raise trees to sell to the community privately and at a local plant fair which students attend. Students are a part of the plants, maintenance, and sale of the trees allowing them to follow the process of improving the community by increasing the number of trees present. Students also take part in the blood drives in which they interact with the community. I have had several students become donors after taking part in the blood drive process.”

Mrs. Bennett said her favorite aspect of her job is being able to build relationships with her students. As the Faculty Senate treasurer, class advisor, and Student Council advisor, she is committed to fostering connections with those she serves.

“I want my students to know that someone cares about and believes in them.”

Mrs. Bennett holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry from Shepherd University and master’s degree in teaching from Fairmont State University. When she’s not busy in the classroom, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.