Susie Kirkpatrick

Susie Kirkpatrick is a bus operator for Gilmer County Schools. She began her career at Gilmer County Schools as a substitute bus operator and came to love the job and the students who relied on her. This year marks 36 years as a full-time bus operator for Kirkpatrick, who drives her day run, morning/afternoon career center run, and an evening activity bus every day. To make all of these trips without any accidents during her career speaks highly of her performance over the past three-plus decades. As an EMT in Gilmer County, Kirkpatrick also finds time to teach first aid and CPR to all school staff. She enjoys her roles as an athletic trainer for Gilmer County’s sports teams and a safety presenter to elementary school children with “Buster the School Bus.” Throughout the pandemic, Kirkpatrick has driven her school bus routes to help feed students and make home visits. Because of her concern, she often called students if they failed to pick up their meals just to make sure they were okay.