How does it work?

A 24-hour, toll-free number has been assigned for all of West Virginia — the same number for ALL schools. It can be reached from instate and from outside the state. When you call this number, you will be talking to an actual person — not a recording. You will be reminded by this operator not to give any information which might identify you. This keeps your identity confidential.

Anyone can call!

When you call the helpline, you will be issued a number (again, your name need not be given) that the operator enters along with the information you give. 

If, after three school days, you call the toll-free helpline number again, you will be given a status report of action taken from your information. Remember, you’ll only need to report your number, not your name.

What we need to know when you call:

  • What are you reporting? (complaint, problem, suggestion)
  • What time did or when will the incident occur?
  • At which school did/will this take place?
  • Who is the suspect?
  • What school does the suspect attend?
  • A description of the incident in the order it took/or will take place
  • How can we get in touch with you? (OPTIONAL)

What to report?

You should report any information that could have a negative impact on students, school staff or school property. Here are some examples:

  • Violence
  • Weapons
  • Threats
  • Thefts or property damage
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • These acts are threats to your safety and should be reported.