Rebecca Dillinger

Mason County SPOKES Program

Certifications Earned: Computer Essentials, Customer Service I and II, WV Welcome and Digital Literacy

Future Plans: To work full-time as an Office Assistant II at Mason County’s DHHR

“During my time with SPOKES, I gained skills that helped me reach my goal of landing the job I’m currently in at the DHHR. It feels great to be able to provide for my family again, and I have SPOKES to thank for helping me along the way.”

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Adam Edens

Putnam County Adult Education Center

Certifications Earned: High School Equivalency Diploma

Future Plans: To enlist in the United States Army

“John and Debbie went out of their way to help me achieve my goals.  They were extremely helpful in laying out a career path, which was the military in my case. I will continue to have a great relationship with them and look forward to sharing my future successes when I return from Basic Training and Technical Training.”

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Beth Rehberger

Jefferson County Adult Education

Recognitions Earned: Selected by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) for the 2021 State Advocate for Adult Education Fellowship (SAAEF)

Future Plans: To garner more long-term, sustainable support for adult education.

“In 2010, I was an unemployed single parent without a place to live. A neighbor directed me to the local adult learning center for help. They guided me on career options, employment search assistance and certificate programs. Within four months, I had an internship that led to a good job. I am now a county adult educator doing what was done for me.”

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