Summary of Application Requirements

Review WVBE Policy 5202 and Certifications for complete requirements

Initial Application

  • Application Fee: $35
  • Validity Period: 1 year
  • General Requirements: US Citizen or hold eligible documentation (see WVBE Policy 5202); good character; age 18 or older; physically, mentally, and emotionally qualified.
  • Education Level: Enrolled in a WVBE approved program which leads to licensure as a teacher, administrator or student support personnel for an out-of-state clinical experience.
  • Coursework/Training: Enrolled in a WVBE approved program. The candidate must be in good standing and have completed all program requirements including all required tests, if applicable (Praxis), prior to commencing listed experience(s). The College/University and the school district must have a current agreement for the out-of-state placement.
  • Testing: As required by the state in which the applicant’s institution of higher education is located. The candidate must be in good standing and have completed all program requirements including all required tests, if applicable (Praxis or state-specific), prior to commencing listed experience(s). Individuals enrolled in WV state approved programs must have passing scores on all WVBE required basic skills and content exams prior to the experience. Speech Language Pathologist candidates do not need to provide passing content proficiency scores prior to participating in and/or completing the clinical experience. Note: If completing a year-long residency, passing scores on the WVBE content exams are not required during Residency I and a Short-Term Yearlong Residency Permit will be issued, BUT Praxis II requirements must be met in order to be eligible for Residency II by submitting a Form 24A and a Long-Term Yearlong Residency Permit will be issued.
  • Employment Required: No
  • Official Recommendation: Designated College Official
  • Primary Contact Info: Lori Wilson, Email:

Paper Application Instructions:

Paper Application Instructions:

Paper Application Instructions (only for those not available electronically):

Step 1: Download Application Form from the Application Forms Website.

Step 2: Print the paper application(s) and complete all required applicant information fields. Correspond with necessary entities (ex. school district, institutions of higher education, etc.) to acquire all required information and signatures for completion of the application.

Step 3: Payment for paper applications should be completed online prior to submitting an application to Office of Certification. Pay for paper applications at If employment within the West Virginia educational system is required for the license/certificate you seek, please verify with your employer that the application has been completed correctly before submitting an online payment.

Step 4: Submit the paper application for processing with all required supportive documentation (ex. official transcripts, etc.) to the Office of Certification. Pease mail to the following address:

West Virginia Department of Education
Office of Certification Services
Building 6, Suite 550
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305-0330

Note: If you are employed within a West Virginia educational system, the application must be uploaded by the employer’s human resources office.

Step 5: If you are a first-time applicant for licensure (have never held a license/certificate issued by the WVDE), you will receive an email with a service code to make your background check appointment once the application is received by our office. You will need to follow these directions for first-time applicants. (Note: This requirement does not apply to Form 23.)

You may also download and review our Background Check Guidance document.

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