The WVDE Office of Data Management and Information Systems provides training and technical support in the use of our data tools and to ensure that information is respected and protected at the local level.

Privacy Training

Educational staff in West Virginia must adhere to both federal and state protections regarding data privacy. These protections include FERPAWV Student DATA ActWV Board of Education Policy 4350 (Collection, Maintenance, and Disclosure of Student Data), and the WVDE Data Access and Management Guidance document.

To ensure adherence to privacy regulations and policies, the WVDE provides regular privacy training informing educational staff across the state of their roles and responsibilities regarding student data. Audiences that receive the WVDE privacy training include WVDE staff, local education administrators, and teachers. To request privacy training, contact the Office of Data Management and Information systems at 304-558-8869.

ZoomWV Training

Zoom Quick Start Guide

To help people use and understand ZoomWV’s data dashboard, WVDE has developed the Zoom Quick Start Guide

Face-to-face Zoom training

If you would like the WVDE to provide ZoomWV training to your organization, complete the online ZoomWV Training Request Form. Please submit requests at least one month prior to the suggested date for the training.

Logic modeling for program planning and evaluation

Developing and using a logic model can help increase stakeholders’ voices in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of programs. The process of developing the model is an opportunity to chart the course. As explained by the Kellogg Foundation, “It is a conscious process that creates an explicit understanding of the challenges ahead, the resources available, and the timetable in which to hit the target. In addition, it helps keep a balanced focus on the big picture as well as the component parts.”

To schedule training or facilitation of logic modeling, contact the Office of Data Management and Information systems at 1-833-627-2833.