Schools participating in the WV School Climate Surveys will be provided several products generated from their survey data.  Among them are reports of survey results, and for middle and high schools a school climate index score.  These products are briefly described below, along with links to examples of each.

Reports of Survey Results

At the close of each survey window, the WVDE Office of Research undertakes an intense data cleaning process to ensure that survey data are of the highest quality possible. This process usually requires approximately two to three weeks. Once completed reports are generated from each survey (student, staff, and parent) and delivered by email to each participating school.  Reports are generated for schools only when a sufficient number of valid responses are obtained. For the staff and parent surveys, at least 10 valid responses are required to generate reports. For the student survey more stringent criteria to preserve anonymity and confidentiality may be used, and are determined on a case-by-case basis.  Use the links below to access examples of reports for the elementary student survey and the middle/high student survey.

A second set of reports are also prepared for schools that contain the same results but are organized by school climate domain.  These reports also are formatted to facilitate easy comparison of school results to statewide results as they relate to desirable school climate conditions. To make the best use of these reports to improve conditions for learning, school leadership, staff, and students should scan through the entire set of results and mark the school’s status relative to the state. This should then be followed by a process by which priorities are selected and plans are made to implement interventions to address the priorities.

West Virginia School Climate Index

The WV School Climate Index—derived from 20 indicators drawing from student and staff survey data and selected discipline incident data reported in the West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS)—provides (a) an overall measure of school climate that measures all domains and subdomains in the OSHS model; (b) a straightforward, easily understood scale that can be readily interpreted by those working to improve school climate; and (c) information about component parts of the index to help schools rapidly identify areas for programmatic interventions.