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Christy Miller - Superintendent of Upshur County Schools

Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) has named Christy Miller as Superintendent of Upshur County Schools effective July 1, 2023. Miller will succeed Interim Superintendent Steven Wotring who was named to the post temporarily following the West Virginia Board of Education’s (WVBE) intervention on June 14, 2023. Miller is currently the Taylor County Superintendent. George “Russ” Collett has been named as the Upshur County Assistant Superintendent.

Miller is a veteran educator with 36 years of experience. In addition to serving as a teacher and administrator at the school and county levels, she has held the positions of Executive Director and Coordinator in the Office of School Improvement and Leadership at the WVDE.

The announcement comes as the Special Circumstance Review of Upshur County continues amid preliminary findings and non-compliances surrounding the use of federal funds and financial purchasing procedures. Miller’s leadership will be important to ensure the county institutes appropriate processes, procedures and safeguards so all governance and operational activities comply with state and federal laws and regulations. Her goal will be to provide consistency and stabilize the system so that the effective delivery of instruction and student services are administered properly and without interruption.

“Superintendent Miller is a visionary educational leader who is known for her abilities to support and transform schools and school systems,” said WVDE Deputy Superintendent Michele Blatt. “She understands that Upshur County is currently in the midst of an ongoing review, and this is difficult for professional and service personnel as well as students and families. She will work to strengthen continuity and stability in the system while also addressing those critical areas of non-compliance. I’ve known her to be the consummate professional who will always do what is best for children.”

“Upshur County has a tradition of strong academic programs and community support,” said Miller. “The schools have been a source of pride, and they should be because they reflect the heart of the community. We will restore this reputation and pride, but it will take some work. We have some obstacles to overcome, and I know we can do it together for the benefit of the children and families of the county.”

Prior to the Special Circumstance Review, Collett was named by the Upshur County Board as Superintendent. However, once the Review process began, experienced and established leadership was needed. Collett will work with Miller to develop a robust administrative structure in Upshur County that protects processes and procedures that best serve children and families.

County Interim Superintendent Wotring will move to an advisory role as a transition liaison who will assist county leadership during the review and recovery process.

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