The West Virginia Department of Education is now turning traditional classrooms into Simulated Workplaces!

  • Career and Technical classrooms are now emulating business environments that enable students to gain authentic work experiences.
  • Students are immersed in job experiences that focus on work ethics, safety, drug testing, professionalism, teamwork, leadership, and customer service.
  • Students are not only achieving academic success, but earning industry recognized credentials and skill sets.

The following information and links have been designed to support you and your business in assisting the West Virginia Department of Education in ensuring all graduates are career and college ready.

If you or your business would like to become more active within the Simulated Workplace initiative, please contact WVDE Office of Career and Technical Education at 304-558-2389.

How can my company benefit from Simulated Workplace?

  • Future applicants will be prepared to meet workplace expectations that include: showing up on time, drug-free and safety ready.
  • Less money spent on training costs to develop workplace essential skills.
  • An opportunity to recruit future employees.

How can my company help?

You and your company can offer expertise in assisting the WV Department of Education in evaluating Simulated Workplace classrooms to ensure they align with your industry’s needs.

What is my commitment?

  • Spend one day annually, inspecting and evaluating career programs in your regional area.
  • Work with a team to compile evaluation results and submit to the WV Department of Education.

What will I be reviewing?

You and team members from business and industry will annually review:

  • Facilities
  • Safety
  • Layout of Equipment and space
  • Tools, Supplies, and Technology
  • Professional Knowledge and Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Training Lessons
  • Teaching Materials