Christine Miller
Christine MillerSuperintendent
Taylor County Schools

Taylor County Schools Superintendent Christine Miller said her education philosophy can be summed up in five words: “kids first – no matter what.” As superintendent for the past four years, Miller said her district strives to ensure that students are at the center of everything they do.

“We must demand excellence from every staff member every day to make sure our kids know and believe they are the reason we do what we do each day. We must strive to look to the future so that all decisions are driven by what is best for each student no matter their uniqueness or barriers they bring to the learning environment.”

Taylor County is home to five schools, and Miller said while each of the communities they serve are unique, they all come together to support one another no matter the need.

“The greatest part of Taylor County are its people and their commitment to each other and our schools. This community prides itself on rising to challenges and making sure everyone is part of something larger than themselves. This was and continues to be demonstrated as we moved through the darkest days of COVID and came out stronger and united to provide the best possible education and support services to all of our students.”

Miller said this is the hardest job she has ever loved. She said while she has many decisions that must be made daily, the reward is in watching a students’ spark ignite in their minds and knowing it’s all worth it.

“There may be a business side to education, but the real story is our students and all they overcome to walk across that stage at the end of their 12th grade year forging ahead to greater days carrying with them their lessons and journey through our schools.”

The daughter of two retired educators, Miller said she often tells people her career in education began the day she was born.

“Education is the family business. My father served as a professor at Fairmont State for 33 years after a short stint in K-12. My mother, a 1983 West Virginia Teacher of the Year, taught for 27 years in Marion County. My four children were fortunate to have her as their teachers, and still have their journals, and tell us all the time we can never throw those away.”

West Virginia is not the only state in which Superintendent Miller has worked in education. Her career started in 1984 as a substitute, then kindergarten teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia. She stayed one year and returned to Wood County, West Virginia serving as an itinerant gifted teacher. She has a total of 12 years teaching, one year as a school improvement coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE), and 19 years in administration at various levels including the WVDE serving as Executive Director of Student and School Support. Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Fairmont State University and a master’s degree in educational leadership from West Virginia University. When she’s not busy serving Taylor County Schools, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Chip, five children and four grandchildren.

Getting To Know Superintendent Miller

  • Favorite Book: “​he Mitford Years” by Jan Karon

  • Favorite Movie:  ​“Pretty Woman”

  • Favorite Song: ​”New York, New York” and anything by Michael Buble’

  • Favorite Hobbies: “Music has always been a passion of mine. I was a contestant in the Miss WV Scholarship Pageant in 1983 representing Fairmont State. This is the pageant that took the winner to Atlantic City for Miss America. I did a monologue and sang and danced to ‘New York, New York’. I enjoy all genres and had an ambition at one time to work towards a Broadway career. I attend as many shows at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh every chance I get.”

Professional Affiliations

  • Quadrant 4 Leader & Representative, West Virginia School Superintendents’ Association (WVASA)
  • Member, The School Superintendents Association (AASA)
  • Member, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)