Dr. Shelby Haines
Dr. Shelby HainesSuperintendent
Marshall County Schools

Marshall County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shelby Haines is often heard stating the mantra “educating kids, building communities.” As superintendent since 2019, she said she feels that is truly the role of Marshall County’s education community.

“My educational philosophy is that all students can learn, albeit not all in the same fashion, but they can learn. As an educational system, we need to assess the child’s strengths and needs and make an individual plan or educational path for them. Every child can be a successful. As part of the community, they need to find their niche and as a school system, we can help them do that.”

A former special education director and behavior analyst, Dr. Haines is a product of Marshall County Schools and the Marshall County community.

“It is an absolute pleasure to give back to the school system and the community. We are in this business to educate kids, obviously, but in turn we need strong community partnerships to better the community for the future,” Haines said.

Currently, Dr. Haines serves on the Marshall County Lions Club working to provide vision services and products to the community. In addition to her professional memberships listed below, she is also member of the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Marshall County FRN board.
In her free time, she enjoys gardening and preserving food including vegetables, meats and spices.

Getting To Know Superintendent Haines

  • Favorite Book: “I can’t really say that I have a favorite book; however, I frequently read nonfiction books. I often read books on local Marshall County history or events and situations that impact the Ohio Valley.”

  • Favorite Movie:  ​The Sandlot. “It takes me back to a time when community children played together with ‘dark’ being their curfew. A time when children spent their days unplugged and outside in childhood adventure.”

  • Favorite Song: ​“Soulshine by the Allman Brothers, but more specifically the rendition sang by my very dear friend Brett Cain. When you can’t find your light to take you through a cloudy day, you have to let your soul shine.”

  • Favorite Hobbies: “My friends joke that my hobby is finding hobbies. I love to learn and often take classes to learn new things. “

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association for School Psychology
  • West Virginia School Psychology Association
  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • West Virginia Council for Exceptional Children, West Virginia Past Chapter President
  • National Council for Administrators of Special Education
  • West Virginia Council for Administrators of Special Education
  • West Virginia Reading Association Lifetime Member
  • West Virginia Association of School Administrators