Will Hosaflook
Will Hosaflook Superintendent
Wood County Schools

Wood County Schools Superintendent Will Hosaflook said his education philosophy has always been centered around the idea that every child can learn and grow.

“Every decision we make as educators has to be the benefit of the students. We are preparing students for the future, but we also have to be preparing education for the future. We’re not just educating these children, but their children and their grandchildren and generations to come, and we have to plan accordingly.”

As he finishes up his third year as superintendent of one of the largest school districts in the state, Hosaflook has looked back on this past year’s challenges and is hopeful for the future. He said much of this hope stems from his confidence in his school personnel.

“Out of all of the professions in the world, teaching has the most immediate effect on our children and our future. We are here for the students, and everything we do is for them and to help them grow and achieve.”

Hosaflook began teaching in 2001. He became an assistant principal in 2008 and a principal in 2010. He was the principal of Ripley High School in Jackson County when he was hired as Wood County Schools Superintendent in 2018. He is currently on the Executive Committee of the West Virginia Association of School Administrators and was appointed by the Governor to the National Education Commission of the States.

Getting To Know Superintendent Hosaflook

  • Favorite Book: “​Lessons from the Mouse”

  • Favorite Movie:  ​“Miracle on Ice”
  • Favorite Band: ​Alabama
  • Favorite Hobbies: “I enjoy spending time with my wife, two daughters and our Goldendoodle named Maple.”