Alanda Hall
Alanda HallTechnology Teacher| Spring Mills Primary School

Spring Mills Primary Technology Teacher Alanda Hall said she loves teaching in West Virginia because it has allowed her to become a meaningful part of her community.

“To encourage someone to become a teacher, I would tell them that the relationships we build as teachers are lifelong. These relationships with families are priceless and there is no comparison to the feeling of helping our students learn new things.”

Developing those relationships is the favorite part of her job as a teacher, which she believes is one of the biggest motivators for someone who wants to explore the education profession.

“I see my students and their families at their little league games or rec league games. I get to cheer them on in all of their community activities and build lasting relationships.”

Since 1999, Mrs. Hall has worked in Berkeley County Schools, which she describes as a community made up of “amazing, selfless teachers who go above and beyond every day.” She said it was this reason she decided to become an educator in the first place.

“I had an amazing fourth-grade teacher, and I wanted to be just like her. While in high school, I volunteered for the PASS program, and that confirmed my desire to be an educator to help young students.”

In addition to teaching technology coursework to kindergarten through second-grade students, Mrs. Hall serves as the school’s systems operator and the webmaster. She also recently renewed her National Board Certification in 2021 despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. When she isn’t busy in the classroom or working alongside the school’s technology team, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, who is also an educator, and their two children. Her hobbies include reading and gardening.