Allison Hatfield
Allison HatfieldScience Teacher
Spring Valley High School

Spring Valley High School Science Teacher Allison Hatfield said she loves making students feel worthy, important, and loved.

“The world is not always kind to everyone, so I feel it is extremely important to put positive vibes out whenever possible.”

Since 2006, Mrs. Hatfield has worked for Wayne County Schools, both as a teacher and a softball coach. She said she enjoys helping others discover who they are and what career path is right for them.

“Education allows me to accomplish this while also helping students know that someone cares about them. I also found teaching appealing because I could become a coach and share my enthusiasm and love for the game of softball.”

When it comes to the state’s education system, Mrs. Hatfield said it is the hard-working, genuine, and caring nature of West Virginians which make it a success.

“I feel that everyone truly has the kids’ best interest in the forefront of all decision making. This common goal of making school the best environment possible – from the state administration leading the charge, county superintendents overseeing, the school administrators leading, teachers providing differentiated, quality education, and all of the service personnel adding quality work and positive attitudes – makes West Virginia something special.”

Beginning each day with a personal goal to make her students’ days better, Mrs. Hatfield said she’s has had many special moments over the years, but one in particular stands out amongst the rest.

“I learned that some of our special needs students were not getting anything for Christmas. Their families had placed them on ‘the naughty list’ simply because of the inability to afford presents. This broke my heart! Upon further investigation, which included teacher recommendations, I realized the students in need went well beyond our exceptional students,” Hatfield said. “So, I raised money and purchased Christmas presents for every student who made the list. When I passed out the presents, and watched some of them unwrap the gifts, I cried. Even reminiscing on this brings tears to my eyes. The absolute joy on their faces was beautiful. I feel that it is so important for students to know that their school family loves them even if they feel no one else cares for them at all. I have continued to do this at Christmas each year and have no intentions of calling it quits any time soon.”

When she isn’t busy in the classroom, Mrs. Hatfield enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, working out, making people smile, and spending time with her two pets: her dog, Grace, and her cat, Taz. She and her husband, Josh, are expecting their first child together in September 2021.