Christina Rollins
Christina RollinsAcademic Support Teacher| Norwood Elementary

Christina Rollins started teaching full time in 1995. She worked in Monogalia County for 24 years at Suncrest Elementary and now works at Norwood Elementary in Harrison County.

Mrs. Rollins chose to become an educator in order to make a positive impact on children and families by educating and shaping the next generation. She believes teachers can provide the tools and knowledge to others so they may succeed at all levels. Her favorite aspect of the job is “helping students understand they can succeed” and “seeing the lightbulb turn on in their eyes when they make the connections with concepts.”

Mrs. Rollins recently renewed her National Board Certification during the 2020 – 2021 school year. She feels the education system of West Virginia is strong because of the loving and caring teachers that have endless support to their students and families.