I began teaching in Fall of 2010 and am currently the Library/Media Specialist at Monongah Elementary School.

I enjoy volunteering as a Girl Scout troop leader and working with Read Aloud West Virginia. I’m a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, an International Society for Women Educators, and serve as the State Editor.

My favorite aspect of my job is informal conversations about books with my students. We recommend books, critique books, make wish lists, and much more. My students play a large role in deciding the books that are purchased for our library which increases reading interests and circulation.

In my opinion, the education system in West Virginia is so successful because of the faculty and staff members that build positive relationships with our students. We’re active members of the community who attend sporting events, talk to families when we run into them at restaurants, support fundraisers, volunteer with community groups, and care for every student. When students are cared for, they succeed. I was fortunate to have so many wonderful educators growing up in Marion County. I wanted to become a teacher to give back to the community that supported me.

To renew my National Board Certification, my classes collaborated with our local food pantry to grow vegetable and herb plants to promote healthy eating. Students donated plants to distribute at the weekly food pantry and to take home and begin a garden. During our lessons, we learned about food insecurity in West Virginia, how food pantries support our communities, and the benefits of gardening. I was able to share my love of gardening with my students while teaching empathy and giving back to our community.