Kennedy Moore
Kennedy Moore

In STEM education, growth mindset is very important, according to Fayette County Schools STEM / Science Teacher Kennedy Moore.

“Once students develop or build on this mindset, magical things occur! Students who believed they had no ability to be creative sometimes are the ones who end up breaking through and having the best work. My favorite aspect of teaching is watching students move out of their comfort zones and grow.”

An educator since 2016 at Midland Trail High School, Mrs. Moore said her choice to become an educator evolved from a love for education her grandpa possesses.

“My grandpa is the only past educator in my family and has inspired me through the years. He taught in Nicholas and Webster Counties. He was also a coach and administrator during his time in the school system. Through the years, I have witnessed several people speak of his influence in their lives. I desire to be that positive influence in students’ lives as well.”

Mrs. Moore said her students also positively impact her life. One example of this impact was felt during Science Adventure School, which is a four-day science camp hosted by WVU for sixth grade students held at Summit Bechtel Reserve.

“This experience was unique and eye-opening.  My students flourished in the experiential learning environment. They experienced several things out of their comfort zone and grew intellectually, emotionally, socially and many other ways.”

She believes the education system in West Virginia is so successful due to the resiliency of the students and dedication of educators.

“Our students do not let their circumstances define them and that is demonstrated through their perseverance and dedication in the classroom and extracurricular activities.  Our educators face the task of meeting the needs of students in several ways every day, and they rise to the challenge.”

When Mrs. Moore is not busy in the classroom, she can most likely be found somewhere outdoors. Growing up in the State Park system, she said she has pride in the beauty of West Virginia and loves to hike and explore all parts of the state. Last summer, she and her husband embarked on the 100-mile hiking challenge in the New River Gorge and hiked all trails in the New River Gorge National Park trail system.