Kristina Starcher
Kristina StarcherKindergarten Teacher
Walton Elementary School

Walton Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Kristina Starcher said from a very young age she had always wanted to be a teacher. Since 1986, she has worked to build bonds with “the tender little people” in her Kindergarten classes and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“It is so rewarding and makes my heart soar to watch them grow and become responsible adults. To have a thirty-something person come up to you and say, ‘Mrs. Starcher! How are you?’ I’m in seventh heaven to know they remember me. It’s all I ever wanted to do.”

Following in the path of her two older siblings, Mrs. Starcher said she had excellent role models who served as the caring adults in the lives of their students. She said through them and through her years of experience, she has learned the importance of empathy and communication.

“Educators have to communicate with the families, and above all, we must truly care about our students. We must be on the same page for these students to be successful.”

Mrs. Starcher said she has many precious memories from over the years, but there is one memory that pulls at her heart strings.

“Several years ago, I remember a young man always having a packed lunch that his mother put much effort in preparing every day. I commented to him that I thought he was truly blessed to have such a great lunch every day. He made no comment but beamed with pride. The next day, a note came from his mother, ‘Mrs. Starcher, my son was persistent I make an extra sandwich today so you can share his lunch. I hope you like peanut butter and jelly.’ The peanut butter and jelly sandwich was tasty, but my lunch date was probably the best part of the meal. I thought that was probably one of the sweetest and most thoughtful moments of my teaching career.”

When Mrs. Starcher isn’t busy in the classroom, she is spending time with her husband, Roger, and two children, Clarissa and Chase. She enjoys camping, kayaking, ATV riding, and being at the beach. In addition to spoiling her grandchildren, she loves taking her pups, Bear and Ellie Mae, on all of her adventures.