Lindsey Stell
Lindsey StellGifted and Special Education Teacher
Elkins Middle School

Since 2015, Lindsey Stell has served students in grades six through eight in the gifted education programs at Elkins Middle School in Randolph County. She said she chose to pursue a career in education because of her love for sharing knowledge and helping others.

“We complete a lot of projects that require critical and creative thinking; it is so much fun to see them learn new technology and create products that show off what they are capable of. I love working with them and watching them overcome challenges.”

Always striving to give her students real-world skills and experiences with technology, Mrs. Stell teaches many STEM units, such as Python programming, robot building, engineering in Minecraft and building with 3D pens. She said she loves to find ways to integrate students’ backgrounds, abilities, and interests into her lessons.

Mrs. Stell wears many different hats outside of the classroom, such as a community liaison, Project ISAAC afterschool site coordinator, and Elkins Middle School’s resident technology expert.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in education and digital media, new literacies, and learning from Fairmont State University.