Nancy McDonald
Nancy McDonaldLanguage Arts Teacher| Spring Mills Middle School

Nancy McDonald has been a teacher since 1992. She currently works as a language arts teacher at Spring Mills Middle School in Martinsburg, WV.

“Education has been a part of my family for generations,” says McDonald. “Both of my parents were educators. My grandmother taught in a one room schoolhouse!”

Though Mrs. McDonald teaches in a school with more than one room, she still displays the conviction and passion needed to be an impactful educator in West Virginia. Mrs. McDonald believes that the education system is successful because of the commitment teachers make to their students and their communities. During the pandemic, she was amazed at the way teachers took on the new challenges, learned new methods and were able to educate students in a constantly changing environment.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. McDonald enjoys traveling, hiking, and golfing with her husband, Lowell. Additionally, they have four grown children and last year welcomed their first grandchild.