I have always had a fascination with math from a young age. While in high school, I had an excellent mathematics teacher who inspired me to really think about how mathematics guides our world. I always enjoyed helping students understand the process involved in finding solutions to complex problems.

My favorite aspect is knowing each day I walk into the classroom is going to be different than the previous day. I enjoy having the flexibility to teach multiple instructional strategies and finding what works best for my group of students with each lesson. Teaching provides an opportunity to build lifetime relationships with students and watch them become successful in their careers.

From a mathematics perspective, there is a common goal across the state to improve STEM education. I’m fortunate to have worked with central office and state department staff who have taken initiatives to improve education to get students college and career ready. Education is constantly changing, and it is important we provide meaningful professional development for teachers so they can best prepare our students for beyond high school.

This past year, I was selected to become a part of Mountaineer Mathematics Master Teachers (M3T). M3T is a cohort of math teachers across the state who are dedicated to improving mathematics education. I am new to the program; however, the past 3 months have provided some of the best professional development I’ve ever received. M3T provides opportunity to improve my instruction by testing change ideas in my classroom. I’m able to meet with fellow math teachers who implemented the same change idea, and we discuss how it positively impacted the classroom and what modifications can be made. Having a network of teachers to collaborate with has positively impacted my instruction and helped me find new ways to reach my students.

My wife, Michelle, is also a National Board-Certified teacher. She teaches high school English in the same school, right across the hall from one another. We have been married for 13 years, have two daughters, three dogs, and two cats. We enjoy hiking, vacations at the beach, and watching our daughters play sports.