Samantha Coble
Samantha CobleSpecial Education Teacher
Keyser Primary School

Keyser Primary School Special Needs Teacher Samantha Coble said her favorite part of her job is helping her students succeed.

“Helping my special education students be successful is the best part of my job. Advocating for them and celebrating each of their successes is my absolute favorite.”

As a West Virginia educator for six years and the 2021 Mineral County Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Coble said the past year has been one of the best despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“This entire last year of my career has impacted me in such a positive manner. I completed my National Board Certification during a pandemic. That alone was a challenge. Being selected as the Mineral County Teacher of the Year was an incredible honor. I know the positive impact I have on my students and their families, but having others see it really reminds me how great of a teacher I am. Each year I learn something new about myself, and I am always trying to grow and develop to better myself in the classroom and in the community.”

Growing up with motivated mentors led Mrs. Coble to pursue a career in education.

“I had an amazing first grade teacher that made me love coming to school every day. I wanted to be that person for students in my classroom. I also had two grandparents that were educators.”

She said she believes the connection to the community has a huge impact on how successful the education system is in West Virginia.

“Many teachers live in the community that they teach in. They share that commonality with their students.  They want to help the families in the area that they live in and love. Educators in West Virginia are proud of where they come from. They want the students here to be successful now and in the future. Roots run deep in West Virginia.”

When Mrs. Coble isn’t busy in the classroom, she is spending time with her husband and three children: their one-year-old son, Bodhi, and two stepchildren, 11-year-old McKenzie and seven-year-old Parker. Together, they enjoy playing with their two dogs, Delilah and Charlotte, and spending time in the great outdoors.