Summer McClintock
Summer McClintockK-5 Instructional Coach| Morgan County Schools

Morgan County Schools Instructional Coach Summer McClintock said she finds it rewarding that her job directly impacts the progression of student learning. Her main role is to partner with teachers to strategize and implement learning goals and targets for their students. Together, she and the teacher co-plan and co-teach to reach those goals and targets.

“One of my passions is igniting the spark in those little non-readers and helping them realize they do not hate reading; they just haven’t found the right book. When they do, it is so exciting.”

Ms. McClintock has been teaching for 16 years and currently works as an elementary instructional coach. Previously, she worked as a Fourth-Grade teacher at Pleasant View Elementary. Her work with students enriches her as she watches them grow and learn.

“My favorite part of my job is impacting student learning whether directly or indirectly. I find it rewarding receiving feedback from students, their families, and colleagues. It reinforces why I do what I do for every student every day.”

In 2017, Ms. McClintock earned her National Board Certification in Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood.

“I had a student once who hated to read. Well, so he thought. Finally, he discovered The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. He said he connected so much with the main character in the book. He discovered it was based on a true story and he decided to research it for his Social Studies Fair Project. This was a student who struggled but was so passionate he ended up winning first place at the fair. His excitement was contagious. This gave him so much confidence he continued to be successful. It is moments like this that I reflect on when I feel overwhelmed in this demanding profession. It is moments like this that makes me realize everything we are doing is worth it.”

Outside of the classroom, Ms. McClintock enjoys traveling and being with her family. She is helping her daughter become an animal rescuer. They have two cats, three dogs, two bunnies and a horse.