Terri Duty
Terri DutyMathematics Teacher
Scott High School

Since 1989, Terri Duty has taught mathematics to students at Scott High School in Boone County, West Virginia.

“I have enjoyed helping students with their work in class and when students get that ‘ahh’ moment.”

She said she remembers always wanting to play the role of the teacher when she “played school” as a child.

“Teachers genuinely care about their students and want to see them succeed. You go into this job with a passion for it.”

Earlier this year, Mrs. Duty was named Boone County Schools’ 2021 Teacher of the Year. Her favorite moments include the strong relationships she has built with students over the past 30 years as an educator.

“When students come back and thank you for teaching them is always a rewarding experience. It helps to make those bad days that do occur better.”

When Mrs. Duty isn’t busy in the classroom, she works at Barker’s Hardware in the evenings and on Saturdays. She also volunteers with the Madison Volunteer Fire Department where she serves as a captain and the department’s treasurer.