Tyler Satterfield
Tyler SatterfieldSecond-Grade Teacher
St. Marys Elementary School

Blending fun with education while simultaneously building character is what makes being an educator so wonderful, according to St. Marys Elementary School Teacher Tyler Satterfield.

“Most of the role models in my life were educators, and I aspired to follow their footsteps,” Satterfield said. “I believe our education system is so successful because of the educators and their willingness to do whatever takes to make sure their students are cared for.”

Since 2015, Mr. Satterfield has served as a second-grade teacher in Pleasants County. He said nothing makes him happier than seeing former students out in the community.

“I enjoy running into them and their families and reminiscing on our time in the classroom. I enjoy catching them out at extracurricular activities. I truly view any student I have in class as ‘my kid’ forever.”

When Tyler isn’t busy in the classroom, he enjoys being a boys’ basketball assistant coach at Williamstown High School and aspires to lead a program one day. He said his wife Brooke is a phenomenal support system, especially on those days when he comes home mentally drained and feeling like he’s not reaching a student or just having an off day. In addition to teaching and coaching, Mr. Satterfield’s favorite summer activity is gardening, and he enjoys sharing that love with his students.