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Technical Assistance Centers

What are Technical Assistance Centers?

The overarching focus of the Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) is to address children’s loss of opportunities and time due to COVID-19, and to address the variety of the challenges and risks that existed prior to the pandemic. To ensure consistency across all WVDE TACs, each will align with the WVDE/WVBE strategic plan and leadership goals.

The TACs are designed to create a broader support network to meet students’ needs. Through enhanced systems of professional development, technical assistance, and collaboration, the TACs will offer assistance to (among others):

  • Early and elementary learning service providers
  • STEAM providers
  • Behavioral and mental health providers
  • Special education providers

Services for these education professionals and staff members are important because they:

  • Understand the types of technical assistance that are most beneficial for achieving particular, effective practices and positive systemic outcomes
  • Build capacity to provide technical assistance to county school systems, schools, educators, and families around the respective areas of expertise.


Under the leadership of the WVDE, four TACs will be fully operational during the 2021-22 school year, and will provide services to all regions of the state through partnerships with education institutions.

WVDE Technical Assistance Center: Accessibility & Transition

Accessibility and

Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
Romney, WV

Behavioral and
Mental Health

Marshall University
Huntington, WV

Science, Technology, Engineering,
The Arts, and Math

West Virginia University

Early Learning
(Grades P-5)

Marshall University