Summary of Application Requirements

Review WVBE Policy 5202 and Certifications for complete requirements


Renewal applications may not be submitted prior to January 1 of the year in which the license expires

  • Application Fee: $35
  • Payment link:
  • Validity Period: 3 years
  • General: Non-US Citizen, good character, age 18; physically, mentally, emotionally qualified; and holds or previously held a Non-US Citizen Permit.
  • Grade Point Average: A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for all semester hour coursework for renewal
  • Educational Work Experience: No
  • Non-Educational Work Experience: No
  • Credential: Yes
  • Testing: See WVBE Policy 5202 for testing requirements of first renewal
  • Employment Required: No
  • Renewal Options: Qualifying coursework (Six semester hours/WVDE E-learning) OR Hold a Master’s +30 advanced salary classification OR Age 60 or older
  • Official Recommendation: Superintendent or Form 4B if not employed.
  • Official Transcripts (when applicable): To send official transcripts to our office electronically, please have those sent to If you select to send them electronically, they must be sent directly from the institution to our office to the aforementioned email address.
  • Primary Contact Info: Lori Wilson , Email:

Electronic Application Instructions:

Electronic Application Instructions:

Step 1: If this is your first time submitting an electronic application through the WVDE Certification Portal, you will need to register. As part of the registration process, you will be prompted to either use an existing webtop account if you have been employed in the West Virginia school system or register to create a webtop login.

Step 2: Once you have completed the registration process and have a webtop account, you may submit an electronic application.

Step 3: Depending on your employment status with a WV educational system, or if institutional verification is required, you may be able to proceed to payment at this time. If your application requires county/institutional approval, you will receive an email notification once it is completed so that you may proceed to pay for your application.

Step 4: When the application is ready for payment, you will receive an email notification with instructions for online payment. Applications will not be processed by the Office of Certification until the online payment has been processed. Applicants may follow and review the status of their application via the certification portal.

Step 5: If you are a first-time applicant for licensure (have never held a license/certificate issued by the WVDE), you will receive an email with a service code to make your background check appointment once the application is received by our office. You will need to follow these directions for first-time applicants. (*Note: This requirement does not apply to Forms 23 and 24B.*)

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